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Augusto Balmaceda

Born in Santa Fe, Argentina in 1989, and a true music lover. Started listening to electronic music and met up with the DJ’s afterwards. Curious by melodies, he started playing piano lessons and understand music a different way, understanding how melodies and voices can touch your soul. It was this realization that ignited him to make his own music, where he always tries to remain the “humam element”, by using live instruments and voices that warm your heart, and always will reach your deeper feelings. A lot of people try to put his music in boxes, but to Augusto this is all the same: music.

Next to production, Augusto is an active DJ himself and has been sharing the stage with H.o.s.h , Karmon, Magdalena, Martin Garcia, Jody Wisternoff, Dave Seaman, Marc Marzenit, and many more.

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