Niko Lindhé

Born 1995 in Stockholm, Sweden, Niko Lindhé is an up-and-comer within electronic dance music. At the age of 16, Niko got his first DJ-controller and started mixing tracks together which quickly made a sense and urge to produce grow. When Niko first got in to producing software he started remaking his favorite tracks just to kind of learn the process.

As time got on with more knowledge and experience in the field, Niko started experimenting making his own records which then made it to Apple Music and Spotify.

The process kept going and Niko has been experimenting with different styles here and there, in order to find a unique sound. Label owner, Producer and DJ Jacco@Work picked up the demo for an EP that was sent in and decided to release it on LuPS Records in partnership with Proton. With the first EP came great remixes from DJ Borra, Toppy and Embliss. It was through Embliss that the beautiful Remix of “Call Me” by Four Days and Levitone was given life.

Right Now Niko Lindhé is Located in Los Angeles, California where he is studying music and production in various ways. Even though Niko certainly isn’t finished with what he has been doing up until now, he sure is pursuing lots of different opportunities in the music industry for developing that even more unique sound. Like he usually likes to say, “It remains to be seen”.

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